Retirement Plans: How We Add Value

Specialization & Proficiency

Specialization is more important now than ever. The Department of Labor requires fiduciaries to discharge their duties as a “prudent expert”. To be an expert requires one to have a high degree of skill or knowledge. Whether it is advanced education through our firm, industry events or achieving specialized designations we are committed to stay on the forefront of industry trends.

Fiduciary Assistance

Rouleau Bevans Corleto Investment Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors recognizes its role as fiduciary under ERISA’s Section 3-21 (a) and importantly evidences that fact in writing as part of our Institutional Consulting Agreement. As such, we would provide continuous attention to the fiduciary responsibilities shared by the client and our firm.

We believe that the role of an Investment Consultant is to manage - not to make investment decisions. Investment Consultants assist clients in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities by implementing prudent investment consulting processes. This, coupled with timely unbiased information about investments offered in concert with trustee education, prepares clients to make informed investment decisions on behalf of their organizations. We strongly believe in the Fiduciary Standard and providing a conflict-free experience for our clients, giving them greater confidence in our advice.


Our commitment to transparency allows for better decision-making as it relates to all aspects of the retirement plan, whether it is vendor selection, investment monitoring, or fees.


We operate independently from all providers and are only obligated to our clients. This allows us to work with almost any investment manager, custodian, recordkeeper, administrator or other service provider. We believe that no one firm is the best at everything, which is why our independence is so vital and allows us to present best-in-class service providers to our clients. It also means we can work with outside business professionals to help you negotiate contracts, pricing and services independently at most levels of the relationship.