Wealth Management: Our Approach

Understand Your Goals

We conduct a personal interview with you to best understand your goals which are most important and gather other pertinent information necessary to complete your custom Envision® plan. If appropriate, we also consult with other professional advisors, including your legal and tax advisor, to understand all pertinent details of your financial circumstances.

Test Goals and Develop an "In-Balance" Recommendation

To make sure we have a shared vision of your dreams, we stress test your goals and make a recommendation presented in an easy-to-understand report. This ensures that the proposed strategy reflects your financial objectives and priorities in coordination with your life stage and dynamics in the marketplace.

Implement Allocation

Based on your goals, concerns, risk tolerances and financial circumstances, we will propose an investment mix to help you achieve those goals. With your confirmation, we will execute the investment recommendations based on your personal plan.

Monitor Progress

An important part of the Envision process is the ability to monitor your progress toward the goals and dreams you wish to accomplish. In addition to your personal plan, you will also receive a valuable monitoring tool known as your dot. Think of your dot as a personal growth chart for your progress toward your financial goals. This offers you and your Financial Advisor the flexibility to update your Envision plan, as needed, to account for fluctuating market conditions and life-changing events and measure the impact they have on your ability to achieve your goals.


The Envision Process