Retirement Plans: Our Approach

Plan Health

We believe that the end-goal of a retirement plan is to allow for the employee to be able to retire and replace a portion of their income. Very few employers can articulate how their plan is contributing toward the goal and if so how much. We first start by setting tangible goals for the plan, then we identify the different tools the plan can implement to drive these goals, and lastly we measure the plan’s progress towards these goals.

Fiduciary Services

We proactively advise on strategic retirement issues to try and minimize the business risk to your organization by reducing exposure to ERISA claims and make your life easier by assisting the committee members and staff in complying with governance and documentation requirements.

Investment Analytics

Investments are one of the primary ways employees determine whether a plan is “good” or “bad”. We help assist committee’s to ensure they are offering a well-diversified menu of best-in-class investments. It is fairly common to find investment advisor research that only provides quantitative information on managers; however the true test of value added research rests with the degree of analysis performed on the qualitative issues such as personnel, investment process, investment disciplines, and implementation of the process and the business structure of the management firm. This particular type of research is common at only a few firms in the world. We also provide customized analysis for more complex investments such as target date funds and stable value collective trusts.

Plan Benchmarking

Department of Labor rules require all retirement plan service providers to disclose their compensation arrangements and services provided. It is with this information that the DOL requires you to determine the reasonableness of plan fees. Our fee and provider benchmarking assist our clients in meeting these obligations, resulting in more value to your employees and plan along with a documented process for the fiduciary file.